Finding a good design company is paramount when starting a new electronic product development. Complicated projects will need everything from electronic design, technical consulting, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout, design of an enclosure (metal, plastic, etc), a prototype to be manufactured, programming of embedded devices such as micro-controllers and finally technical authoring.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience makes us the ideal choice for product development. Some clients use us as their complete engineering department which can offer significant savings over providing equivalent facilities in house. Other clients use our services can be used to supplement existing in house facilities.

Producing a quotation for a new product design needs the basic specifications to be defined. If you don’t yet know this then using our technology consultant services can help specify the product development requirements. Acting as technical consultant we can also carry out research and development of particular technology areas to identify the optimum development cost vs product manufacture cost for the required product features.

As with any development process planning is essential along with sufficient time to carry out each of the design phases. Prior to the final CAD PCB layout circuit elements will often need testing and possibly refinement using electronic prototyping techniques. This allows the developers to carry out development to a point, but the final prototype PCB will then be needed to ensure the design performs as required.

A specification should also specify environmental operating conditions such as operating temperature range, storage temperature range and IP rating.

When designing a new electronic product the ergonomics and aesthetics can also be important considerations. A product may be amazing technically but if it doesn’t look the part will it be marketable and attractive to potential customers?

Most electronic product designs require programming of some sort, usually for embedded devices but often also to provide PC connectivity or Internet server communications. Embedded devices are very powerful these days and designers usually program micro-controllers in C to provide the perfect level of power vs development time.

Clients often choose us due to our London region location in South East England.  However typically the manufacture of an electronic product is carried out by a low cost manufacturer, often off shore in low cost labour regions. Electronic manufacturers do not typically have high levels of skills in design but are often able to achieve very low manufacture costs especially if a product is manufactured in high volume.

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