This is PHP4 Code! SQL Guide

Simple Get A Result

  $query = @mysql_query("SELECT user_name, password FROM member_profile WHERE email_address = '$user_name_login' AND password = '$password_login'");
  $result = @mysql_fetch_array($query);
  $result_display_username = $result['user_name'];
  $result_username = strtolower($result['user_name']);

Does Record Exist

  $query = @mysql_query("SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE some_field = $some_field AND some_field2 = $some_field2 AND some_field3 = 'yes'");
  if (@mysql_num_rows($query))

Get Each Row Returned

  $query1 = @mysql_query("SELECT * FROM some_table WHERE some_field = $some_value AND approved = 'pending'");
  while ($result1 = @mysql_fetch_array($query1))    //Get each row returned
    $m_title = $result1['member_username'];
    //Do something with it...

Get Number Of Rows Returned

  $count = @mysql_num_rows($query);

Get Specific Columns

  $query_user_details = mysql_query("SELECT first_name, last_name, image_file_name FROM member_profile WHERE member_id = $user_id");

Get each field as a variable named as the field

  foreach ( $result as $key => $value )
    $$key = $value;

Using OR Arguments

$sql = "SELECT * FROM videos WHERE response_id = $vid AND (video_approved ='yes' || approved ='group' || approved ='school') AND public_private = 'public'";

Putting All Results Into An Array

$all_results = array(); 		//Empty array to hold returned rows
while ($row = @mysql_fetch_array($search_query))
	$all_results[] = $row;




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